Puppies Protected By A Wild King Cobra!

We’ve seen all kind of animals adopting puppies and taking such a good care of them. One example is this cute cat who adopted a Pit Bull puppy and she took care of him like he was her baby.

This is another amazing story about a snake and two puppies. The story took place in the Indian state of Punjab. The puppies felt into a well. The pit was quite deep so they couldn’t get out on their own. The puppies had an owner and he noticed they were missing. When he found them he had a huge surprise!

A wild king Cobra was sitting next to the two puppies! The man was afraid the snake will kill the puppies but when he looked better he noticed that he was protecting them from the dangerous sides of the well, which were saturated with water. After help arrived from the authorities the puppies were taken out. They were not injured at all and the Cobra was taken to the woods and released. Animals can be such kind creatures!