Crows Leave Gifts For Kind-Hearted Girl Who Feeds Them!

Gabi Mannn is an eight-year-old girl who lives in Seatle. Gabi has some special friends that she feeds every day! She had only 4 years old when she started to feed the crows from her neighborhood.

A very strong connection was formed between Gabi and the birds. They started to follow her to school hoping the child would have some tasty treats to offer them. With her mother’s help, Gabi started a planned feeding ritual for the crows. They started to feed them on a daily basis, filling the birdbath with water and placing peanuts on special feeding platforms.

To show they are thankful, the crows began to reward Gabi’s generosity by bringing her gifts. Small trinkets began to appear on their feeding platform. These gifts worth a lot for Gabi even if they are small and insignificant. She keeps them as treasures carefully stored. The birds generally bring zips, buttons, Lego pieces, bolts and stones.

One day a crow returned a lens cap that Gabi’s mother had recently lost whilst photographing birds in the neighborhood!