The Pitbull Puppy Was Abandoned And Close To Die! The Cat Did Something Incredible!

A one day old Pitbull mix puppy was found abandoned in a garage. The person who found him took him to the Animal Protective League Shelter in Cleveland, Ohio.

The puppy was so small that his chances to survive were not too big. So they decided to place him with a rescued cat who had just given birth at the shelter. The amazing cat accepted him immediately and offered him affection and good care.

In the video we can see the happy family and the way that the cat mother loves them all the same: her kittens and also the adopted puppy. Her maternal instinct seems to know no boundaries and she knows how to love all the same. It’s very touching the moment when the lady who fosters them is feeding the puppy and the cat goes right by her side watching over her new adopted baby!

Thanks to some positive and wonderful people, the story has a happy ending! The puppy, the cat mother and the kittens were all adopted by loving families. Even the puppy’s real mother was rescued after she was found chained and extremely scared.