Clingstone, The Amazing 111 Years Old House!

Clingstone is a house built in 1905 on a small, rocky island that is found in an island group called “The Dumplings” in Narragansett Bay, near Jamestown, Rhode Island.

The first owner, relative of industrialist Joseph Wharton, built the house in response to the government condemning his earlier summer home in order to build Fort Wetherill. Wharton spent his summers there until he died in the 1930s. The residence was vacant from the time of his wife’s death in 1941. The house had been empty for 20 years until 1961, when Boston architect Henry Wood bought it for $3,600. The house is known by locals as “The House on a Rock”.

One of the characteristics of the house is that is has 65 windows! It has 10 rooms, and each of them have a spectacular view!

The breeze, the spectacular ocean view make this house unique and special. Its dwellers enjoy every moment the calm and peace of this place.