See What This Dog Does When He Hears Adele’s Song Hello!

Adele has an amazing voice that touches our hearts. Her music gives us positive emotions and feelings.

A dog named Buckeye seems to appreciate also Adelle’s music a lot! During a car-time rendition of Adele’s “Hello”, Buckeye can’t help but express itself through the power of song. The terrier is filmed howling along to Adele’s song! She is howling with a lot of passion and she is deeply touched by the song! She is adorable!

The YouTube user who posted the video, Disney Robey, wrote about Buckeye: “Buckeye is a rescue dog, who was going to be put down the next day, so we adopted her. She is officially our Support Dog due to our disabilities. She has been a life saver.” She also has a very good advice for people: “If you have the time and money please go rescue a dog.”

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