He Has Been Chained and Neglected All His Life. Look At His Reaction When He Is Rescued!

Animals on factory farms endure constant fear and torment. They’re often given so little space that they can’t even turn around or lie down comfortably. Some are kept in horrible conditions, even chained. They are tortured by human beings that have no compassion.

In this video we ban see a bull who has been chained and neglected since the day he was born. He lived chained up in a narrow stable, along with 500 other bulls, cows and calves. His touching story has a happy ending as he is rescued! The bull named Bandit and his other stable mates have been rescued from those horrible conditions by the Gut Aiberbichl farm animal sanctuary from Austria. Bandit’s first moments of freedom are so touching! He is jumping and running with so much happiness! His gratitude for the man who saved him will bring tears to your eyes!