Miracles Do Happen! See The Amazing Story Of A Little Hero!

Born three and a half months premature, baby Ward Miles had a difficult start in life but with the love of his parents and with the performance of doctors, the little baby become a hero! The baby was weighing just 1lb 13oz at birth.

Ward’s dad, Benjamin Miller, is a photographer. He captured his son’s first year in a touching short video.

Lyndsey, Wart’s mother, got to hold him for the very first time 4 days after he was born!

“While we were watching him, he turned his little head towards us, and then opened his eyes. We know he can’t see at this stage, but the fact that he opened them, and opened them so wide we had not seen before. He stared right at us. He held our gaze. Just looked right at us. Didn’t blink. I had enough time to get a photo of it. After a little while he shut his little eyes and turned his head back to the ceiling. I will never forget that moment. I feel as if he was telling us ‘I’m okay!!! Don’t give up on me!’ said Benjamin Miller.

The whole video is really touching and it shows the how little Wart is getting stronger till the moment he goes home and he is just an amazing baby!