Girl Forms Special Bond With A Duck!

There has always been a special bond between children and animals. We have seen children having special bonds with dogs also with cats.

The little girl from the video named Kylie has a special bond with a duck named Snowflake! Actually the duck thinks that Kylie is his mother, even if Kylie is only 5 years old. Kylie is the one who took care of him since his first days of life and now Snowflake associates her with his mother. Snowflake always sticks by Kylie’s side, never venturing away from her. Their relation is very special and reciprocal, they have been inseparable since the day they met.

In the video you can see Kylie giving an interview that is conducted by Steve Hartman of CBS Sunday Morning. You will be charmed by Kylie’s innocent answers in discussing about Snowflake. This will bring you a good laugh!