This Bear Lived In A Rusty Cage For Thirty Years. Watch Her Reaction When She Is Free!

Fifi suffered in captivity for more than 30 years at the Pennsylvania roadside zoo. She was forced to perform tricks for their shows for the first 10 years of her life. When the zoo closed, Fifi spent the next 20 years in a rusty tiny cage.

Fifi was rescued in 2015 by by PETA and The Wild Animal Sanctuary. When they first met her she was shockingly thin and she suffered with painful untreated arthritis. Her condition was so bad, she had suffered for decades that they had doubts about whether she would be able to become strong and healthy again.

After five months spent at the sanctuary, Fifi fully recovered! With love and good care now she is healthy, her legs are getting stronger every day. Finally, at the age 30, for the first time ever, Fifi has the opportunity to hibernate and she is spending the winter in her new her cozy den!