Amazing Women Rescue 100 Horses That Are Trapped On An Island!

In 2006 nearly 100 horses were stranded on a small piece of land after a huge storm pushed seawater into the earth outside the dikes of Marrum, a small village from Netherlands.

Nineteen horses lost their lives while the remaining horses remained stuck on the piece of land for three days. The horses received food and water from firemen and animal welfare officers. They needed to be kept in strength as the first rescue attempts weren’t successful.

An amazing rescue was done on the third day. Another storm was close and the waters were expected to rise with it. A request was posted on a horse forum seeking experienced riders without fear of water. A few women riders responded. One of them named Norma Miedema started a group that was called the “Netherlands Horse Rescue”. Norma was the first person to contact the authorities, refusing to give up until the horses were saved. The next day seven incredible women met and they risked their lives in order to save those poor horses.

The riders guided the horses back to safety 650 yards away, and the entire herd, except one horse, followed like knowing that was their only chance and they didn’t hesitated. The last remaining horse who didn’t follow them was led back later, in the same day. He was escorted by riders. He collapsed after reaching shore, but was attended to by veterinarians.

The way that those horses were rescued is amazing, the courageous ladies (ages 19 to 40) were later honored By their government for their courage and bravery! Thank you ladies for rescuing those horses and for being such a positive example for humans!