Couple Adopts 7 Siblings To Keep Them Together!

There are angels among us! A couple who fostered a brother and sister loved them so much that they not only fostered all five of their siblings, they adopted all of them!

Jim and Katrina Baldwin of Strawberry Plains, Tennessee, began by providing a home for six-year-old Lily and two-year-old Tristan. A few months later two of their siblings, three-year-old Kamrin and five-year-old Danny needed a home so the couple took them at their home too. After a while there was another appeal for the remaining siblings, nine-year-old Ryan, 12-year-old AJ, and 14-year-old Shanda. This amazing couple not only that fostered all the 7 kids, but they also adopted them all!

“We fell in love with these kids, and we couldn’t let them go for nothing. It’s not happening,” Mr Baldwin told local TV station WBIR. “When they called us Mom and Dad for the first time, we knew they really loved us,” Mr Baldwin said. Now the 7 siblings have a real family because of these two wonderful people! Jim and Katrina already had five biological children and seven grandchildren.