Piper Meets Lily, The Newest Member Of The Family!

One of the most exciting moments in a dog owner’s life is having the dog meet the newborn baby for the very first time. Most of the dogs instantly fall in love and become very protective of their little humans.

In the video below we can see the dog named Piper, a Husky dog who is so very excited to meet the newest, tiniest member of the family. After spending three days at the hospital, the baby’s parents were exited to pick up Piper so that they could introduce her to their new baby, Lily. As soon as she arrived home with her owner, Piper could tell something was different, she could sense the change in the household.

“Piper was so very excited to meet the baby and did a great job gently sniffing her! She was so excited that she danced a little bit!” Piper’s owner said.