Pit Bull Rescued From A Fighting Ring. Watch His Reaction When He Feels Love For The First Time!

The Pit Bull was the victim of people who abused him and used him in a dog fighting operation. He was brought to a shelter where positive people changed everything with love!

In the video we can see how he is being visited at the shelter by a woman, who wants to see how he will respond to her attention. She speaks gently to him which prompts the dog to moan in response. The lady has an incredible positive attitude and courage and she extends her hand through the bars. She is clearly experienced in animal body language so she knows exactly what she is doing.

The look in the dog’s eyes is really touching! You shouldn’t miss what comes next!

Pit bulls can make very sweet and loyal family dogs. They are not aggressive dogs. Aggression is an individual trait that varies from dog to dog, and has a lot to do with a dog’s environment and owners. Please SHARE if you agree.