Reasons Why Refined Sugar Is Bad For You!

We use it in coffee, get tempted by it in desserts, and hardly even know how often it’s added into savory processed foods. Sugar certainly makes life sweeter, but is it good for our health?

White refined sugar is a bad ingredient in the modern diet. It can have harmful effects on metabolism and contribute to many sorts of diseases.

Here some of the dangers of consuming sugar:

Sugar can depress your immune system by fueling the bad bacteria. Bad bacteria love to eat sugars.

Sugar contributes to infertility. Researchers discovered that when we eat too much sugar, our livers convert it into a lipid. This increased amount of lipids in the body shut down a gene called Sex Hormone Binding Globulin which reduces the amount of SHGB protein in the body. This protein has an important role in the amounts of testosterone and estrogen that the body uses.

Sugars increase blood glucose levels. The high level of glucose in blood can deteriorate blood vessels and lead to heart disease.

Sugar can increase the risks of Cancer.

Sugar feeds candida.

Sugar makes your blood acidic.

Sugar is toxic for your bones, it can leas to osteoporosis.

Sugar can contribute to obesity.

Sugar is like a drug, it’s very addictive.

Sugar can cause arthritis.

Sugar robs your bones of minerals.

Sugar ages your skin.

Sugar can contribute to eczema.

Sugar has no nutritional value.

For a healthy, balanced diet, we should eat sugar occasionally, in small amounts. We should get the majority of our calories from foods such as starchy foods and fruits and vegetables.