This Little Poodle Rides The Elevator By Herself To Visit Friends!

What you are about to see is another proof that dogs are man’s best friend! A little dog can bring so much happiness to so many people every day!

She is a black teacup poodle and her name is Nala. She is so caring and loving that she is making everyone smile at a nursing home in Minnesota. Her owner, Doug Dawson is working at a nursing home. One day he brought her to work when she was a little puppy. Doug was dispensing the residents’ medication and Nala was dispensing love. Since than Nala takes care every day with the residents of the nursing home.

Nala does not have any training to be a therapy dog, she does all of this instinctively. She scurries from room to room, even riding the elevator by herself, to see her friends and to make them feel happy! It’s amazing what she can do!

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