Kitten Trapped In The Walls Of An Abandoned Hospital Is Rescued!

There are so many animals in this world that need our help. Sometimes they just depend on us humans to get out of some pretty bad situations.

Photographer Joshua Gold recently visited an abandoned hospital in Troy, New York to take some pictures. As he started taking pictures, he heard a strange noise and he realized he wasn’t alone in the building. He followed the noises until he realized what he was hearing: a tiny kitten that was crying out for help!

He made several trips in his attempt to rescue the kitten. First he looked for some tools, then he purchased a ladder from a nearby Walmart. When Joshua returned, it was getting late, it was already 3 a.m. He had to act quickly. With the help of the ladder, he could see over the wall. Down below was a very small kitten, about four weeks old. Now that he knew exactly the place where he was, he decided to make a hole in the wall.

Joshua brought the kitten home and offered him shelter, food, warmth, and love. He named him Leonard. That’s the name of the abandoned hospital where he found him.

Thank you Joshua Gold for helping the kitty and for being a positive example for the humanity!