The Secrets Of Japanese Women Revealed! See Why They Don’t Get Old Or Fat!

Naomi Moriyama, bestselling author and Tokyo-born, reveals in her latest book “Japanese Women Don’t Get Old or Fat”, the secrets of both the Japanese diet and the associated culture that keep the Japanese so slim and youthful.

Forget about restaurant meals! A home cooked Japanese meal is the key to keep you healthy and young. A traditional meal in Japan usually consists of some grilled fish, a bit of steamed rice, simmered vegetables, a bowl of miso soup, and green tea and fruits for dessert.

Japanese people have a few secrets that keep them healthy, young and slim:
– Their diets are based on fish, soy, rice, vegetables and fruit.
– Small portions
– Light cooking
– Light cooking
– No bread, just rice
– Breakfast powered with miso soup
– Less desserts
– Different attitude to food and dieting

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