They Adopt Triplets One Week Before Finding Out The Wife Was Pregnant With Twins!

Oklahoma couple, Sarah and Andy Justice just wanted to have a baby, but after struggling to conceive for years, they decided to adopt. After the birth mother chose them, Sarah went with her to the ultrasound and got the surprise that she was waiting three babies, not one! They were happy as they were going to adopt triplets. But the story didn’t end there!

After one week, Sarah started to feel sick so she made a doctor’s appointment. She had a suspicion and the doctor confirmed it: she was pregnant! The surprise was that she wasn’t pregnant with just one baby, she was waiting twins! They hoped at one baby and now they have 5!

“We really felt this was something God wanted us to do. And sometimes, when you follow God’s will in one thing, it leads to the next thing.”, “We were very happy. Did we panic a little? Of course. But we were very happy,” told Sarah.

The nice couple have a positive attitude considering “God has a great sense of humor!”