Almonds – Health Benefits

The almond is a species of tree native to the Middle East and South Asia. The almond that we think of as a nut is technically the seed of the fruit of the almond tree.

Almonds are associated with a number of health benefits. They are packed with vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber.

Health benefits of almonds:

Almonds prevent heart disease and heart attack. They contain monounsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants that support heart health and prevent factors of cardiovascular disease.

They maintain skin health. Almonds are rich in Vitamin E and other antioxidants that nourish the skin and reduce signs of aging.

Almonds support healthy brain function. They contain riboflavin and L-carnitine. The two key nutrients are capable of positively affecting neurological activity and preventing cognitive decline.

Prevent Diabetes. The monounsaturated fatty acids found in almonds help slow the rate at which sugar is released into the bloodstream.

Digestive health. The probiotic components found in almonds help the digestion and healthy bacterial growth in the gut flora.

Fight against inflammation. Almonds are rich in Vitamin E and they also contain high amounts of unsaturated fats that reduce inflammation.

Maintain dental and bone health. They are an excellent source of minerals like magnesium and phosphorus that are very important to maintain dental and bone health.