THIS Horse Is So Grateful To His Savior!

About 4000 feral horses live in the Danube Delta, 2000 of them in the Letea nature reserve from Romania. They are among the last remaining “wild” (feral) horses living at large on the European continent. The horses on Letea Island are black or bay, without white spots. They stand between 1.45 and 1.50 m (14.1 and 14.3 hands) and are strongly built.

The wild horse from the video below also lives in the Letea nature reserve. He was found with chains wrapped around his front legs, preventing him from walking properly around his homeland. The horse was discovered by our FOUR PAWS vet Ovidiu. He instantly helped to release it from the chains.

The moment when the horse is released is so touching! When he realizes that he can move and gallop again he nuzzles his head right up to his savior’s face like saying “Thank you” to him! You have to watch the touching video, it will melt your heart!